Express Pet Baths

Pets get dirty. For those times when your pet can't wait for a grooming appointment or if you just want to give your pet a quick bath the Pampered Pooch & Pals offers Express Pet Baths. An Express Pet Bath is a self-service bath you give your pet. We provide two Express Pet Bath facilities each with a professional grooming bathtub and dryer, a variety of pet shampoos,  plenty of towels an apron for you and even a treat for your dog.! The Express Bath facilities are available by appointment. 10am-4pm Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri.  -  9am-2pm Sat.   -   Closed  Tuesday and Sunday Fee $15.00 per dog per 1/2 hour for scheduled appointments. Walk-ins welcome Fee $18.00 per dog per 1/2 hour. Call 518-363-0396 today to schedule an appointment!